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so yesterday i went to kyles, and the roads got so bad that his mom insisted that i stay. it was funny, so i got snowed in at kyles. i mean we went to bed at 10. but it was fun .

matt turned 20 yesterday, weird.


yea thats all.

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i havent looked at my lj. in a while .

my life is unbalanced lately

but im trying to do my own thing for once.

because im sick of waiting around for people, and im sick of people assuming that im going to be there when they have nothing better to do.

because im not going to be anymore

i need to worry about myself.

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so i went up to bsc friday night with a handle


what a drunken night. i have a bruise on my knee, a burn on my other knee, a bruise on my foot, and my wrist.

it was so much fun though, the next morning steve had to go to work .. so did i, but i called out, ..


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so tonight i went to bridgewater, and went to this thing with steve and matt

it was one of the guys who does the voices and creates family guy, it was really funny he was a cool dude. he told us about how they got started and all that stuff and we saw stuff that noone has seen yet, it was fun,

they had a meet and greet at the end and the guy was signing my card, and he looks up at me, and im giggling, and having fun, and im dressed in my normal cloths .. you know and he goes " are you high" and i started laughing hysterically

because it was ironic that he asked me out of all of us, because im the one whos never high .

so it made my night, i guess you had to have seen it / heard him.

good night . =]

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halloween was fun.

went to boston on the t

got shammered

got in a fight with pat.

fell over a fence

burnt holes in my shirt with a cig. while passed out.

you know. stuff like that.

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well i went to the outlets last night, filled out an app. and i they called today and i have a job interview, now this is good and bad at the same time.

i hate work. what can i say im one of those lazy types.

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so, today i got back my english test and i got a 98.

i ran to show mr.laplante, and he said " good job, you back " and that was just like, woah.

and then he asked me if i was comming out for the team this year, and that ment alot,

so, im finaly getting back to my life.

and its about time.